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What is SEO positioning?

SEO is a set of strategies designed to optimize a website and achieve a clear objective: the generation of free traffic from search engines. Search engine crawlers understand an optimized website better, and that increases a site’s chances of appearing near the top on search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

What do we do at BigSEO?


Why do you need an SEO positioning strategy?


This is how we work


Our methodology is:

  • We audit your website to find what needs improvement: we analyze your page in depth to find any errors that may affect the organic positioning of your online presence.
  • We solve any internal and external problems: our tasks include reviewing and improving titles, meta titles, URL structure, loading speed, possible penalties, and much more!
  • We design your link building strategy: we develop natural link building strategies with real, reliable means of authority, to improve your link profile and increase the authority of your domain.
  • We create relevant content: we write quality content based on titles that increase organic traffic, build your authority within your niche, and result in an up-to-date and relevant website.
  • We analyze your competition: our goal is to find out what they’re doing so that we can put all our effort into putting you ahead of them.
  • We do local SEO as required: this service is perfect for businesses that operate physical locations. We apply strategies to increase visibility and traffic according to the user’s geolocation.
  • We measure results and monitor 24/7: we do exhaustive monitoring of weekly and monthly results through personalized meetings and complete reports that allow us to visualize progress and correct errors.

Posicionamiento SEO

Our clients

Some of the companies we’ve worked with include:

Enrique Tomas
Get Your Hero
Costa Este

What are people saying about us?

They have this to say about our work:

area oftalmologica

«We’ve been clients for a year and couldn’t be happier. They explain things thoroughly until you understand them. They listen to your opinion and follow up on projects. Their content generation is great. They’ve become indispensable to us.»

Marcos V. – Área Oftalmológica

Enrique Tomas

«Impeccable! Their SEO work is excellent! Their content writing is indispensable! Totally recommended if you want to have a presence on the internet!»

Jordi B. – Enrique Tomás


«A year ago, I hired them to position a very complicated website because it’s in a very competitive sector. To this day, it appears on the first page of Google searches for several keywords. My experience could not have been more satisfying.»

Ivan G. – Zammertel

BigSEO in the media

europa propuestas
marketing directo

«Be specific enough to be credible and universal enough to be relevant»

Ann Handley

Writer and expert in digital marketing

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