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Are you having trouble positioning your website among the top search results?

It’s frustrating to see that your website isn’t ranking in Google and you can’t figure out why. This is where a full SEO audit comes in.

Initial situation

We do an initial scan of your website using the most powerful SEO analytics tools.


We detect your direct competitors on search engines and study their best SEO practices.

Keyword Research

We propose a study of the keywords that are directly related to your business and that have a high volume of searches.

SEO Architecture

We design a transactional SEO architecture for your website focused on getting conversions as fast as possible and a positive ROI.

SEO On-Page

We analyse all the internal elements that affect SEO positioning, such as content, meta tags, internal linking or technical errors.

SEO Off-Page

We review external SEO positioning factors, such as inbound link profile (backlinks) or domain authority.

We measure the loading speed of your website

Page speed is a determining factor. Not only for SEO positioning, but also to ensure a good user experience. If your website is taking too long to load, your potential customers will leave and your bounce rate will increase considerably.

To solve this, there are WPO techniques that improve the performance of your website and help you to climb up the search engine rankings.

We detect indexing errors

In order for a user to reach your website, they must be able to find it in the search engine results pages. And that is only possible if Google is able to crawl it without any problems.

Therefore, although it may seem obvious, it is essential that all your URLs are indexed correctly in order to have visibility.

We find all your broken links

A 404 error can be the main cause of a user abandoning your website. It’s simple. If your customers are interested in reaching a page and it doesn’t exist, you are losing any opportunity to generate business.

Therefore, it is essential to detect which links are broken and which ones need to be redirected to another URL. This way, you will improve the experience and avoid the leak.

Duplicate content

Cannibalisations are a serious problem when it comes to positioning your page. Search engines penalise duplicate content heavily, so you will never get to the top of the SERPs if you have URLs with identical blocks of text.

You must identify them and make sure that each of them is written in a unique and original way.


The SEO Audit that has made big brands grow

Performing an SEO audit is not the same as optimising your website. A good analysis aims to align your project with your strategy, prioritise actions and increase your website’s conversions.


Benefits of hiring a complete SEO Audit

Performing an SEO audit is not the same as optimising your website. A good analysis aims to align your project with your strategy, prioritise actions and increase your website’s conversions.

Understanding the website

It gives you a perfect understanding of the current status of your website.

Detect Problems

It helps to find out what is wrong with your site and what is preventing it from ranking higher.

Generating Opportunities

It allows you to take advantage of the weak points of your website and optimise them at SEO level to attract qualified traffic, capture leads and generate more conversions.

Avoiding Penalties

Prevent your domain from being penalised by search engines by revealing possible SEO malpractice.

Developing a Strategy

It offers the possibility of designing a comprehensive action plan to optimise your website.

Prioritise Tasks

Define the concrete SEO actions to be carried out and in what order of priority they should be implemented.


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FAQs: What questions do you need answered?

We want to help you make a fully informed and valuable decision. That’s why, below, we answer some common questions that our users often ask.

What is an seo audit?

An SEO audit is a detailed report that analyses the key positioning factors of a website, such as URL optimisation, indexing, content, page load speed, inbound links, 404 errors, metadata and much more.

How long does it take to do an seo audit?

The time needed to carry out a good SEO audit will depend mainly on the size of your website and the magnitude of the project. If we are dealing with a site with little SEO work, we will need to dedicate more hours to analyse everything that has room for improvement.

Why should you invest in an seo audit?

Investing in an SEO audit is a smart decision in your digital marketing strategy. This type of report allows you to extract points of improvement for your website in terms of SEO positioning and, subsequently, to propose an action plan to optimise all these aspects. At BIGSEO we focus on detecting which opportunities have the greatest potential to achieve quick results and recover your investment as quickly as possible.

How much does an seo audit cost?

Just as the time it takes to carry out an SEO audit can vary, the price of an SEO audit is also different for each case. The budget will vary depending on the number of URLs your site has and the number of hours we need to spend on the analysis. You can book a consultation with one of our SEO experts to evaluate your project and make you a proposal.

Who is in charge of the seo audit?

The analysis of our audits is carried out by professionals specialised in SEO and with technical knowledge of websites. The entire process is supervised by an SEO Manager with extensive experience in the SEO sector. He is the one who will guarantee that the website study has been carried out with the highest quality and who will establish the order of priorities to be carried out in order to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. In addition, the project will have a Project Manager who will keep you informed and updated on the status of the SEO audit at all times.

What tools do you use to carry out the seo audit?

To carry out an SEO audit we use professional tools with which we analyse your website in depth. In terms of web analytics, we work with two Google applications: Analytics and Search Console. With them, we obtain official data from the search engine itself that help us to know the current situation of each of the URLs of your page and to make a detailed monitoring of its organic positioning. On the other hand, to study the more technical aspects, we rely on one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market: Screaming Frog.


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