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We are sure you have heard many times that content is king and as specialists in web positioning we confirm this. There is no doubt that content marketing is essential to have a page with quality information, appropriate to your niche and interesting for your audience. Therefore, it is a key tactic to increase your visibility and obtain a better SEO positioning.


Why is it so important for a project to hire a good content agency?

When it comes to choosing a product or service online or opting for a certain company, the information we receive about it directly influences our decision.

The creation of content is essential to transmit confidence to our users, to show them that we are experts in our sector, to indicate to search engines those keywords that are relevant to our project and, of course, to beat our competitors with quality and relevant information. The content creation strategies that we develop in our SEO agency will help you:


Improve your brand and consolidate yourself as an expert in your niche.


Boost your visibility and your web positioning.


Strengthen your main keywords and gain new keywords relevant to your business.


Communicate with your real and potential customers through relevant information.


Generate a higher conversion thanks to powerful transactional texts.


Is the content strategy also important for social networks?

Yes, without a doubt. Once the content is ready it is important to move it on social networks, so your followers will be up to date with your latest updates. Some content is more viral than others, but what is clear is that none of it is irrelevant.

At our content agency in Barcelona we design strategies designed for your potential customers; for those who know you, but also for those who have not yet done so. That is why the whole strategy will revolve around the topics that are related to your niche and, since your followers will be aware of the news on this topic, they will be interested in your content, they will click on it and you will gradually become an authority website!


Why do your content strategy with us?

A good web content strategy and writing requires time, dedication and knowledge, that’s why at BigSEO we help you to take on this task thanks to a specialised team with years of experience behind them. Based on the needs of your project we will apply one strategy or another:

  • If what you need is content for your blog to introduce new KW and become a reference brand, we will work on an inbound strategy based on texts that respond to the needs of your customers. We will decide what we are going to talk about, what slang or jargon is most appropriate for your niche, what the length of each text should be based on the competition and how we can relate some titles to others.
  • If you need content for your e-commerce we will write product reviews following our TSR (Turbo SEO Review) strategy.

To do this we have a team of journalists who know and apply the necessary communication skills to adapt the message to your target audience. We will soak up everything related to your sector to transmit confidence and demonstrate how well you know it. Our added value lies precisely there, in the ability to know your niche in depth to show your clients that you know it better than anyone else.

“I have a nice website, but I can’t get clients”.

“I don’t have the time to develop my website”.

“I have an agency, but I don’t know exactly what they are doing.”

“My competitors have a professional website, but I don’t.”

“I need to have support from an expert web development team.”

“I want to have a website that is scalable in the future.”

“I am clear about the design of my website, but I don’t have the capacity to carry it out.”

“I have had bad experiences with other agencies in the past.”

“My website needs to have an information architecture that segments my clients.”

“I don’t have a team with development or SEO skills.”

“I have a very slow website.”

“I need my website to be completely secure.”

Our web content writing services

Our content area is in charge of creating:

Long tail content strategies

Long tail content strategies that will increase your organic traffic, become a voice of authority in your niche and unseat your competitors.

Quality and relevant texts

We provide quality and relevant content for your audience thanks to a specialised team that will help you increase your visibility in search engines.

Articles from 400 to 1,200 words

We create inbound or transactional texts to improve the content of your categories, products or blog, with varied extensions to suit your needs.

Optimised titles and descriptions

We take care of every single detail by developing not only good content, but also powerful titles and attractive meta descriptions that get more traffic to your website.

Professional press releases

We not only work on the content of your website, but also accompany you in your most important launches and announcements.

Original content that favours SEO

We create 100% original, SEO optimised texts, with timely information and adapted to the demands of search engines to make your project grow.


What is a TSR?

A TSR is a strategy designed for e-commerce or for blogs that want to sell products, and it converts very well. To carry it out, what we have to do is to select the Amazon products that we are going to talk about and, once this is done, the objective is that people come to our website when they are looking for information.

Thanks to all the content that we are going to give them, they will obtain all the knowledge they are looking for and when they make a purchase from our website we will earn a commission. Therefore, the TSRs are intended to take users through three stages: interest, trust and purchase.

We will explain the specific features of each product and its advantages compared to other similar products on the market, and by doing so we will show that you only offer the best! With all this information, users will be totally convinced and will want to buy! Therefore, our TSR will have fulfilled its purpose!


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