Online Credit Platform that Broke the Rules of the Game

With a planned content strategy focused on the creation of optimised quality texts, became a benchmark in its sector and boosted its positioning in the Mexican market in just 12 months..


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Conversion Rate in 4 months


Innovative and Revolutionary Platform in its Sector was born to break with the traditional banking credit system. It simplified the application process for personal loans, making them accessible through the network.

Its new way of understanding the market provided users with an easy, fast and risk-free credit line.


Giving Users Credibility to Compete with Established Companies

The microcredit sector is highly competitive around the world, and Mexico was no exception, with large companies trying to gain as much market share as possible.

As a disruptive business model and an unknown brand, needed to demonstrate credibility with users and search engines. To do this, it needed to increase the authority of the website and encourage conversion on the site.


Build a Cross-Country Content Strategy teamed up with BIGSEO to start its online positioning in Mexico. After analysing the market in the Latin American country, an ambitious content strategy was established to achieve results as quickly as possible.


A new text every day

New content was created daily. Each text was optimised and oriented to the Mexican user following all the SEO parameters to position them among the first results of

After an analysis of the sector and taking into account the business objectives, three different content verticals were established. Each month 30 or 31 different texts were published. Each one of them was oriented to opportunity keywords with high conversion in the personal loan sector.

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Constant Optimisation of Existing Content

While new texts were being created, a parallel strategy was established to refine the existing content. Every month they were optimised with the new keywords of opportunity offered by the Google Search Console tool.

The aim was to improve the positioning of each page by including new keywords related to the main keyword. A strategy that encouraged the constant and unstoppable growth of traffic to the website.

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Quality Content Focused on Conversion wanted to increase the conversion rate of both soft and hard leads. To do this, an editorial calendar was planned based on the phases of the buyer persona’s buying process.

To promote conversion, SEO comparisons were created between products and those of the competition. In addition, copywriting techniques were applied to promote the sale through persuasive texts that incited the purchase.

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From 150 to 6,000 Keywords Positioned in Google Mexico

The content strategy and the creation of daily texts was a success. went from having just over 150 keywords positioned, to appearing in Google Mexico search results for 6,000 keywords related to its line of business.

The online credit portal not only increased the number of keywords for which it appeared in the SERPs, but the positioning of these keywords improved every month. Thanks to the constant optimisation of the texts, the keywords in the TOP 5 of the Mexican search engine increased exponentially and the upward trend was constant.

Conversion rate multiplied X2 in only 4 months

In just 4 months, the number of people requesting credit information doubled from a conversion rate of 5.39% to a conversion rate of 10.89%.

200% More Sessions in Just One Year

When partnered with BIGSEO, its website was receiving just over 8,000 sessions per month. 30 days later, this figure increased by 38% to over 11,000.

After a year of implementing this content strategy, the number grew by 200% to over 33,000 sessions..