Multiplied Conversions with our Sales Funnel

Through a funnel that combined paid traffic acquisition, email marketing and communication via Telegram, they managed to increase the number of leads and multiply the sales of their International Master’s Degree in Football Law.




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Leading Law School in the Sports Sector in Spain and Latin America

Sports Law Institute is a digital school that offers legal training in the sports field both in Spain and in Latin American countries.

Its flagship product is the International Master’s Degree in Football Law, an online course aimed at professionals who want to become sports lawyers specialising in football. Its value proposition is to offer quality training at an affordable price.


Duplicate the Database and Increase Conversions

Before teaming up with BIGSEO, Sports Law Institute offered a product that fulfilled a need not yet met by the competition: cheap, quality training to become a lawyer in the football sector.

It first launched when the vast majority of its target audience was confined at home by the pandemic. A time when the consumption of infoproducts of all kinds increased exponentially.

These results were not repeated in the following editions. And, beyond the decline due to deconfinement, its database showed evidence of being depleted.

The objective was clear: to nurture the database with new qualified leads and reverse the downward trend in enrolments for the third edition of the master’s degree.


Combine different sources of lead generation and provide differential value.

We used three different traffic acquisition channels: paid ads, email marketing and Telegram. The next step would be to retain all this traffic, and to do so, we designed a value proposition around a course in three lessons.


Initial Analysis

Before designing a strategy for the launch of the master’s degree, it was necessary to carry out a complete analysis of multiple factors.

On the one hand, we conducted a study of their database which revealed that the hottest leads and those closest to purchase were no longer responding well to sales actions. Most of them had bought the master’s degree in previous editions and were no longer interested in the product. In addition, we found that no action was being taken to acquire new leads.

On the other hand, we carried out an exhaustive research on the buyer persona and main competitors, something that would help us to define the launch strategy and establish a more effective communication.

Máster internacional en derecho del fútbol


A Unique Event to Attract Attention and Add Value

After realising that the audience interested in a Master’s Degree in Football Law was quite small, it was clear to us that the main objective was to reach new audiences and generate the need for them to consume the product. To do this, we had to attract their attention with a free event and show them the transformation and benefits of having specific training in Football Law.

We designed a three-lesson course whose differential value lay in four pillars:

  • ROLEPLAY: We actively involved the attendees in a role-playing game in which they themselves had to manage the signing of an emerging football star.
  • TOP TEACHERS: The lessons were given by big players in the sector, such as lawyers from FIFA or from top-level specialised law firms.
  • DIDACTIC SUPPORT: In addition to offering live sessions to solve their doubts, participants could put into practice the theory learnt by means of a self-evaluation test after each class.
  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Attendees had access to unpublished documents and unique information they could not find anywhere else, such as transfer contracts of famous players.

Once the three free classes were over, we included a fourth session to present the International Master’s Degree in Football Law, with which they could broaden their knowledge and become sports lawyers.

After this presentation, we opened the enrolment period for a week, where we carried out different actions in SEM, email marketing and Telegram. In addition, to boost sales, we offered a special early adopter bonus during the first two days and we carried out a live event to resolve users’ doubts the day before the cart closed.

During this phase, we worked in collaboration with a sales closer, who provided support by carrying out personalised consultations via telephone with the hottest leads.

master derecho sports law institute


A SEM Strategy to Capture New Audiences in the Spanish-Speaking Market

From the outset, we decided to focus our actions on two platforms: Google and Facebook, as most of our target audience was located here.

We planned a recruitment strategy aimed at Spanish speakers, both in Spain and in other European countries. A minimal part of the budget was reserved for actions in Latin America. The Latin audience was less attractive for our product as their conversion rate was very low, so we decided to focus less on targeting them.

However, after launching the first campaigns on Facebook, we noticed that the impact in Latin America was very good, so we decided to move the strategy to other countries in the region. The cost per click (CPL) was so low that with a minimal conversion rate, the investment was already profitable.

caso de éxito de bigseo


Email Marketing to Mobilise Audiences at Every Stage of the Funnel

To develop a relationship of trust with the people who signed up for the training, we designed an email marketing flow with clear objectives at each stage of the event.


Private Community on Telegram To Strengthen Engagement

To support the email marketing strategy, we invited subscribers to a private Telegram channel where we offered exclusive information that was not available on other channels.

Telegram Sports Law Institute


After the final closure of the trolley, we recorded a 68% increase in the number of registered students compared to the previous edition. This meant an increase in turnover of 32.44%.

The ROI of the entire campaign was 366%, a very positive figure considering that for every €1 invested in the project, Sports Law Institute recovered 3.66€.

+1.155% Return on Online Advertising Investment (ROAS)

The SEM strategy developed by BIGSEO was a success: they obtained a ROAS of 1.155%, which means that for every euro invested in ADs, they recovered €11.55.

Furthermore, in terms of total sales, we saw that 62.96% of enrolments came directly from ADS campaigns.

Moreover, although the conversion rate in Latin America was low, the CPL was so cheap that by achieving just one sale in this market, the investment was already profitable. This objective was far exceeded, as almost half of the registrations came from these countries.

+2,800 Subscribers in the Database

Before partnering with BIGSEO, Sports Law Institute had 2,300 subscribers in its database. By implementing the recruitment strategy we proposed, we managed to double it, reaching 5,175 leads.

Increasing the database was not only profitable in this launch, but also allowed them to continue to nurture these leads to achieve more sales in future editions.

+192% Web Visibility

At the same time as traffic acquisition increased, the visibility of the website grew considerably.

Before the project started, the Sports Law Institute website had a score of 0.0079 on Sistrix. Only twelve days after the start of the acquisition, this figure had doubled.

After twenty days of implementing the proposed SEM strategy, the site reached 0.0231 points, tripling the initial score.