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The rules of the game have changed for ecommerce after successive changes to Google’s algorithm. Category pages as we knew them until now no longer appear in the top search results.

In their place, smaller websites that respond much better to the search engine’s new parameters are positioned.

An Inefficient Page Morphology

Traditional category pages have a list of products and a small keyword text created for Google’s algorithm.

This structure was what worked best until now. The text added semantic richness to the URL, helping it to rank in the SERPs.

However, this page morphology has significant shortcomings:

It does not respond to the different search intentions for the same keyword so it converts worse.

The text is intended for Google’s robot and not to help the user, who does not even read it.

It does not guide the user towards a purchase, nor does it segment them according to their needs or provide them with valuable information.

Google has adapted the rules of the game to the preferences of users, who demand other types of pages.

This change affects the positioning of traditional categories, which are dropping in the search results.

At BIGSEO we teach you the strategy to adapt to the new times.


The New Page Morphology to Improve Your Website’s Ranking and Increase Conversion


“What worked in some e-commerce has stopped working, not because it was bad, but because there is something better and it is being used by the big players that move the most money”.

Romuald Fons

Benefits of TSGs

1. Position yourself ahead of the competition

A TSG is positioned ahead of any ecommerce that has the typical category page.

And we are going to prove it to you with success stories of websites that have already achieved it.

2. Increase conversion

TSGs are more responsive to the full range of user search intentions depending on the stage of the conversion process they are in, thus leading to more sales.

Responds better to search intent

Better position the category page

Attract more qualified traffic to the site

Better segment the user arriving at the URL

Accompany the user towards the purchase

Convert better and get more revenue


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The Power of TSG Morphology is to Adapt Category Pages to All User Search Intentions

A TSG is made up of strips of content according to the user’s search intent. Let us explain it to you with one of our internal projects at BIGSEO.

This is the URL that appears in the first position of Google for the keyword “barbacoas”.

This keyword has multiple search intentions. There are users who want to buy the best barbecue, others are looking for a specific type of grill and some just want information about recipes. So you see. It is a single keyword but with multiple needs.

A traditional category would establish a list of products and a small text at the bottom of the page to rank in Google, as for example Carrefour is doing.

However, our URL responds to all search intentions on a single page by setting up different content strips. This is why our small niche barbecue website is positioned ahead of a big player such as Carrefour.

And these are the results


Leading the Barbecue Sector with an Affiliate Website

At BIGSEO we have managed to lead the barbecue sector with an affiliate website, placing our TSG ahead of big players such as Leroy Merlin, Carrefour and Amazon.

First Position in SERPs

TSG is in 1st position in Google for the keyword “barbacoas” with more than 24,000 searches per month.

In this way, it has managed to position itself ahead of large ecommerce companies such as Leroy Merlin, Carrefour and Amazon.

More than 60 Keywords in 1st Position

TSG not only appears in 1st position for the generic word “barbacoa” but also for specific keywords such as “comprar barbacoa”, “barbacoas de piedra” or “como hacer una barbacoa con carbon”.

And so on up to more than 60 keywords.

X6 More Organic Traffic

Thanks to the TSG’s positioning, organic traffic to the site went from just over 2,000 visits per month to over 14,700 in less than a year. In other words, visits to the website multiplied x6 in a matter of months.


IKEA Ahead of the Competition and Leading Positioning for Strategic Keywords

The Power of TSG Morphology is to Adapt Category Pages to All User Search Intentions

A TSG is made up of strips of content according to the user’s search intent. Let us explain it to you with one of our internal projects at BIGSEO.

This is the URL that appears in the first position of Google for the keyword “barbacoas”.

Leroy Merlin Better Responds to User Search Intent and Improves its Positioning

Leroy Merlin has also realised the potential of TSGs and is implementing this morphology on its category pages.

The French multinational specialised in DIY responds better to search intent than its competitors thanks to the modular strips that it modifies according to user response.

Look at this example for the keyword “household appliances”. Unlike its competitor, Bauhaus, which only displays a list of products, Leroy Merlin includes clusters of categories, featured articles and links to informational texts from the blog.


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