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Have you been struggling with web development for weeks without achieving any results you’re proud of? Are your users abandoning your site before they buy? It’s frustrating when web design ends up ruining all those great ideas you have.

Luckily, we know how to put an end to this. Whether you need to build a new website or your website is outdated and not getting the results you want, good design is the key to growing your business.

At BigSEO we have worked with many clients like you to give them that digital boost that has allowed them to rank at the top of the search results. Whether your website is an online shop, a corporate website or a catalogue of services, a web design optimised for SEO will help you to position your business easily.

Optimised for SEO

We design our clients’ websites to easily reach the top positions in search engines.

100% responsive

Your users will be able to access your website from their computer, mobile, tablet and any device with an internet connection.

Tailor-made developments

Forget about looking like other websites. We create unique and customised designs according to the needs of your business.

Latest trends

We innovate with every project we take on. In this way, we work to be better every day.

Easy to self-manage

We use WordPress as a content management system so you can easily add, modify and control your website from wherever you want.


Why it is important to have a good web design

Your potential customers will run away from your online business like hell before they even step foot inside if they don’t like what they see.

If your website causes rejection, you immediately lose the chance of that person trusting you, your brand and the product or service you offer, and you push them to your competition.

In short, you give away a customer because you don’t pay enough attention to the first impression your website generates – would you go to a job interview in a tracksuit? So don’t expect your users to fall in love with your website if you don’t present it properly!

You have three seconds to convince the user to stay on your site. Don’t forget.


The importance of SEO in your website design

So far we have talked about making a good first impression, but to get to that point you first need to attract users.

Nowadays, all purchases in the digital environment go through a Google search. For this reason, having a good online positioning is very important for all businesses that want to thrive.

Having a nice design is great for bragging rights, but if you don’t attract users it’s time and money down the drain. Basically, you will be invisible.

The design of your website can ruin the positioning of your business. There are pages that are very beautiful but do not have the right structure, their code is poorly structured or overloaded. That is why it is necessary that web development and SEO go hand in hand.


Why BigSEO Agency?

BIGSEO is a web development agency focused on generating business, because the design of a website should not be reduced to being pretty. It needs to be functional and have a good internal structure to promote organic positioning, as this is what the growth and success of any online business depends on.

During all these years we have worked with brands such as Enrique Tomás, Typeform, Danone or Glovo and they have managed to reach the top positions in search engines.

And what does that mean? That they have exponentially increased their traffic and conversion!

But for this to happen, web design, web development and SEO need to work in unison and integrate different aspects, such as a careful internal architecture, optimised categories and user-friendly navigation.

“I have a beautiful website, but I can’t attract customers.

“I don’t have the time to carry out the development of my website”.

“I have an agency, but I don’t know exactly what they are doing”.

“My competitors have a professional website, but I don’t.”

“I need to have support from an expert web development team.”

“I want to have a website that is scalable in the future.”

“I am clear about the design of my website, but I don’t have the capacity to carry it out.”

“I have had bad experiences with other agencies in the past.”

“My website needs to have an information architecture that segments my clients.”

“I don’t have a team with development or SEO skills.”

“I have a very slow website.

“I need my website to be completely secure.”

Our best ally in the development of web pages.

Doing all this would be impossible if we didn’t have a little help. Do you want to know what our ace in the hole is?

The advantage of our designs is that they are made with the Orbital Themes template. Because Orbital Themes is not just another WordPress template. As we have told you, the template you use for your website will directly affect the navigability, loading speed and organic positioning. That’s why we have created this template. It is a theme made by SEOs for SEOs.

Orbital Themes has allowed us to rank websites in record time. No bugs, no code overloads and hardly any effort.

What do you want? A website that sells and attracts users?

In that case, we give it to you!


We work with individuals and companies looking to transform and optimise their sales, as well as improve their online visibility.


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