Increased Organic Leads in 6 months

In record time, and thanks to a transactional architecture and local SEO strategy, we were able to increase the number of leads for each of their locations without relying on paid campaigns.


of Qualified Organic Leads


of Leads Compared to Previous Year


of Leads Month on Month since joining BIGSEO


Aticco Workspaces: Flexible spaces designed for new working models

Aticco Workspaces entered the coworking market in 2016, with a flexible space in a 1,000 m2 penthouse in the centre of Barcelona and with the aim of improving the shared spaces that existed until then

Since then, Aticco Workspaces has become the main reference in the coworking sector in Barcelona and Madrid.


Attracting qualified traffic and increasing the influx of clients to the coworking spaces.

Before working with us, Aticco Workspaces was losing organic traffic on a recurring basis, and consequently, clients were no longer coming to its facilities.

The challenge was to recover the previous traffic, but above all, to do it in a qualified way. To generate a greater number of Leads and to depend less and less on Ads campaigns.


Implement a Transactional SEO Architecture and combine it with a Local SEO strategy.

We determined that a transactional SEO architecture had to be rebuilt to optimise landing pages for local SEO and for each of the Aticco Workspaces locations.

To do this, we implemented an architecture oriented to position them by city, neighbourhoods and streets for each of their locations. Complementing this action with a complete local SEO strategy that allowed us to increase the visibility of the flexible spaces at an organic level.

In addition, we focused on resolving cannibalisations caused by a previous incorrect architectural proposal. As well as improving the user experience on each of the landing pages.


We doubled the number of qualified organic leads in record time.

The success of the project no longer depends so much on Ads campaigns. And not only have we recovered and increased the previous organic traffic, but we have also improved the quality of the traffic, achieving much more qualified Leads and closer to the transaction.