Boosted Leads with our SEO Strategy

Through a SEO strategy based on the search for new business opportunities and a web redesign focused on conversion, CarasaLab managed to increase the number of qualified leads.


Quality Leads Capture


of Users per Month


of Web Visibility


Experts in the manufacture of our own cosmetic products and those for third parties.

CarasaLab is a laboratory specialised in the manufacture of cosmetic products for third parties. They work with manufacturers, distributors and professionals in the sector who want to launch new formulas for skin or hair care on the market.

They are pioneers in the development of hair dyes both nationally and internationally, making it the most important line of business in their current catalogue.


To capture quality leads through their website.

Before partnering with BIGSEO, CarasaLab was capturing national and international leads through its website. However, they were few and of poor quality, so conversion to customer was very low.

The challenge was not only to increase the number of people who left their details on the website to request information about their products, but also to improve the quality of those leads in order to close as many deals as possible and create a positive ROI as quickly as possible.


Modify the website’s design and structure

Our strategy focused on:

  • Redesigning the website to improve the brand image.
  • Optimise navigation to improve the user experience and increase conversions.
  • Increasing the acquisition of quality organic traffic to get qualified leads.


Keyword Research focused on business

When CarasaLab came to BIGSEO, it came with the idea of working on its line of business focused on manufacturing its own products. However, the previous analysis provided interesting data that led us to consider another strategy.

We carried out a complete keyword study, both in Spanish and English, to find new lines of business at a national and international level. This preliminary analysis showed us that there was a gap in the market that CarasaLab could fill.

Based on this study, we proposed a new SEO Transactional Architecture (AST), focused on exploiting those lines of business that offered the greatest opportunity for conversion.


Web redesign to improve conversions

To achieve the main objective of the project and increase the acquisition of quality leads, we worked on 2 lines of action:

  • We improved the brand image to transmit CarasaLab’s values, highlight its strengths, make it more approachable and generate greater confidence in visitors.
  • We redesigned the website, optimising the conversion elements to improve the user experience and increase lead acquisition. In addition, the main services were distributed strategically, accompanied by CTAs on the transactional pages.


SEO optimisation to attract quality traffic

We carried out a complete SEO On Page strategy optimising URLs, improving metadata and correcting technical errors, among other actions.

In addition, we optimised the contents of each page of the website to position them for the corresponding transactional keywords. The objective was to increase quality organic traffic in order to improve conversion.


x10 more leads per month

Before coming to BIGSEO, CarasaLab was receiving around 5 Leads per month, many of them of poor quality, so business generation was low.

After applying our proposal, this figure was multiplied x10, reaching an average of 60 Leads per month.

+1.600 users per month

The number of organic users multiplied x6 in just 6 months, going from 298 visitors to 1,900 per month

+2.300% web visibility

The brand and its service pages were positioned in Google for high converting keywords in the sector, boosting the visibility of the website.