We increased qualified organic leads by 195%.

With a complete SEO strategy we managed to increase visibility by 464% and organic traffic by 299%.


Site Visibility


of Organic Sessions


of Qualified Organic Leads


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Social benefits focused on improving wellbeing in companies

Social benefits focused on improving wellbeing in companies Cobee is born in 2019 with a clear objective: to offer companies a 100% digital solution to manage employee benefits and flexible remunerationand is a revolution in the way companies and employees interact with corporate benefits programmes.

It is much more than a benefits management platform; it is a strategic partner that drives employee satisfaction, engagement and well-being, setting a new standard in corporate benefits management.


Increase site visibility to attract qualified traffic and generate quality leads.

1. Increase Online Visibility: We sought to position the platform in the top search results for key terms related to corporate benefits management.

2. Improve Transactional Keyword Positioning: We set out to identify and position key terms that were aligned with Cobee’s services that were not initially attracting traffic.

3. Relevant and Engaging Content: Provide valuable content at every stage of the customer journey, from discovery to conversion as well as covering content on HR trends.

4. Increase Conversion: Increased visibility and improved search rankings were to translate into a significant increase in conversions. The ultimate goal was for more companies to recognise the value of Cobee’s services and choose its platform to optimise benefits management for their employees.


Implement a Transactional SEO Architecture, develop a Reversal Inbound content strategy and execute an internationalisation process.

To address this challenge, a comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented that encompassed technical, content and authority aspects. Developing a keyword research, establishing the transactional architecture focused on its services, creating quality content and making the appropriate technical optimisations.

Furthermore, Cobee’s internationalisation into the Mexican marketrepresented a key strategic step, and the adaptation of the successful strategy employed in the Spanish market was fundamental to its success. This initiative implied significant adjustments to address the particularities of the Mexican audience and to optimise Cobee’s presence in the Mexican cultural and business context.

On the other hand, a link building strategy was implemented, focused on obtaining quality links from relevant sites in the sector and applied to the services where we had the greatest historical competition in the sector.

Finally, a comprehensive CRO audit audit was carried out as part of the initiatives to boost website conversion. This audit focused on identifying areas for improvement and optimisation in the conversion funnel, with the aim of maximising the effectiveness of SEO actions and increasing the conversion of visitors to qualified leads.


Significant increase in Cobee’s business volume

Monthly qualified organic leads have increased more than 195% in the last year.

This result has been achieved thanks to a significant increase in the visibility of the site:

An increase that is related to the growth in organic impressions and clicks:

And which is reflected in the evolution of the organic sessions of Cobee’s website:

All this, also caused in part by the new positioning of a large volume of keywords in the top 3 of the SERPS: