807% increase in qualified organic traffic in one year

With a content strategy focused on the creation of tequila recipes, Olmeca Altos managed to rank on the first page of Google for more than 50 contents.


of Organic Traffic in a year


Keywords on the First Page in one year


Qualified Monthly Sessions


Olmeca Altos is a premium tequila brand from Jalisco, Mexico.

Belonging to the Pernod Ricard group, a leading spirits retailer, Altos has four outstanding products: three types of tequila (Plata, Reposado and Añejo) and a bottle of pre-made margarita.


Increase brand awareness of Olmeca Altos through its website.

The aim is to convert the organic traffic captured in the US and Mexico into users who begin to recognise the Altos brand and, as a result, choose this brand over others in physical shops.


A content strategy focused on tequila recipes

To achieve this, a migration of one of its websites is carried out and a strategy focused on informational content is implemented. Tequila recipes are written to exploit both organic results and Discover traffic.

Competition for classic recipes such as “margarita” or “la paloma” is very high, so it is proposed to attack these contents and work on recipes with a medium search volume, but with less competition.


Technical audit and migration of your website

The first thing that was done was a complete technical audit of the website in search of all the technical elements that could hinder the implementation of the future strategy.

Thanks to this, it was observed that the current website contained a series of technical errors that slowed down the growth of the project.

Once the technical errors were detected, it was decided to carry out a migration of the website and start again with a correct technical base. From that moment on, the growth in organic traffic started to increase.

In fact, the month after the migration, organic traffic growth was close to 74% compared to the previous month. Four months later, the growth was already 241%.


Keyword research + Google Trends = quality editorial calendar

In order to carry out the content strategy, a process was followed starting with the creation of a complete keyword research of the sector.

All possible keywords for tequila-related topics were studied, from high-volume content to content with a much lower volume.

From this, it was decided what kind of content would be covered: in this case, it was clear that the line to follow was mainly tequila cocktail recipes and, more secondarily, festivities both in Mexico and in the United States, as well as curiosities about tequila.


Complement with Google Trends to create a quality editorial calendar

The information obtained from the Keyword Research was supplemented with Google Trend trends. The aim was to find out when interest in each cocktail or content increases and thus multiply the probability of appearing in Discover.

All this information was translated into an editorial calendar with all the content that would be published in the coming months, taking advantage of the moments of greatest trend for each one and combining both highly competitive and less competitive content.


Optimised content writing

Finally, the content was written by adding all the collected keywords in a natural way and adding images with an appropriate weight.

Then, the structured data was implemented to obtain a rich result in the Google SERPs. As a result, all content appeared in a very visual way in the results, which increased the CTR (click-through rate) obtained.

The contents were reviewed to analyse how Google understood them. It was then decided whether the search intent offered should be pivoted based on what had changed in the SERP.


Organic Traffic Increases by 807%.

After a few months in which traffic remained stable, the project began to achieve increasingly positive results.

This meant that, by the end of the year, the website had multiplied its initial traffic and was steadily achieving more than 9,000 qualified monthly visitors.