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Is Your Online Store Not Generating the Conversions You’d Like?

Most Ecommerce apply the same SEO strategies over and over again, but after investing a lot of money they don’t get the results they expect because…

They don’t analyse the specific characteristics of their business either, don’t apply strategies that take advantage of growth opportunities.

A practice that can have a negative impact on your online shop because…

They obtain a lower ROI

They do not differentiate themselves from their competitors

They do not exploit all business opportunities


The SEO Strategy for Ecommerce that Generates Business

At BIGSEO we present the strategy that will help you exploit all the business opportunities of your Ecommerce.


SEO Architecture for your Ecommerce

Traditional SEO architectures work with very generic keywords that have few conversions. This can cause you to lose business opportunities in your sector.

At BIGSEO we have created a new technique that will get you where your competition is not: Transactional SEO Architecture

What is Transactional SEO Architecture?

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In this strategy we create several levels of navigation on the website for different types of keywords, distributing the most generic keywords on the most superficial pages such as the homepage and working on the more specific and less searched keywords on the category and subcategory pages.

The key to its success is to work the keyword research at a very advanced level of depth, achieving a high segmentation of keywords.

This allows us to cover search intentions that other competitors are not working on, generating more business

Increase the visibility of your website

Attract more qualified traffic for conversion

Increase your sales


The Architecture that Increases Your Online Shop’s Turnover in Seasonal Periods

Most businesses invest in SEM campaigns when it comes to sales periods, but the cost of ADs is increasingly soaring at this time of year and profitability is low.

At BIGSEO we have created a new strategy that solves this problem and allows you to get ahead of your competition: Parallel SEO Architecture.

What is Parallel SEO Architecture?

An architecture that organically positions specific, high-conversion keywords related to seasonal promotions, such as sales, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Based on a customised SEO architecture, we duplicate the URLs created by adding the seasonal keywords related to our product.

When the seasonality passes, these URLs are hidden but their indexation is maintained to improve their positioning until the next period.

In addition, the ASP does not only work in sales, but can also be applied to “Offers”, “Outlet” and other promotions.

Sales multiply in promotional periods

Less dependency on Ads investment

More high-converting transactional organic traffic


The Technique that Improves the Quality of your SERP Results and Attracts More Traffic to your Website

Despite being one of the most well-known SEO techniques, most Ecommerce are not implementing them correctly, something that is detrimental to their positioning.

What is Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are code segments that help the Google robot to identify our content.

This strategy can be a great opportunity for your business, because if you apply it well in your online shop you will get more visibility in the SERPs.

Differentiate yourself and get ahead of your competition

Improve your positioning in Google

Higher CTR


“We must differentiate ourselves and implement Rich Snippets in our projects to generate greater visibility and traffic”.

Romuald Fons


The Content Strategy that Gives You More Return in Less Time

Traditional content strategies focus on working with very generic keywords that do not take into account the stages of the customer journey.

This means that you have to wait many months before you see a positive ROI.

At BIGSEO we have created a technique that solves this problem: Reversal Inbound.

What is Reversal Inbound?

A new content strategy that works from the beginning on the keywords closest to the purchase decision, generating sales faster.

Increase the conversions of your content

Higher ROI in less time


Frequently Asked Questions that Improve User Experience and Boost Your Website’s Ranking

Often in the transactional pages of online shops, the FAQ section only includes the typical SEO content optimised for Google positioning and that do not contribute anything to the user.

This can cause you to miss out on many business opportunities.

But there is a different way of approaching frequently asked questions in Ecommerce: SEO FAQs.

What is it?

A strategy focused on providing value to the user in the FAQ section and positioning the longtail keywords that are more difficult to integrate in the rest of the page.

To do this, we do a previous research in the SERPs where we find out which are the most frequently asked questions about the product or service we are working on.

Improve positioning for longtail keywords

Optimise the user experience and provide value to the user

Reduce enquiries to the customer service team.


Category Pages Improve Your Ecommerce Positioning

Until now most online businesses have created category pages with a list of products and a small text with keywords to rank on Google.

The problem is that this type of pages do not satisfy all the user’s search intentions, as the mother categories are to capture generic keywords where the user does not expect to find just one thing, but several.

At BIGSEO we have created a new content strategy for user-focused categories: Turbo Seo Guides.

What is it?

Instead of creating the typical URL where a list of products is shown and a text underneath, TSGs build a page morphology with different content strips that respond to all the user’s needs and guide them towards the purchase.

They rank better and attract more traffic

Decrease bounce rate

Increase the number of visits and the duration of the user’s session.


Product Pages that Convert Users into Customers

Some Ecommerce companies limit themselves to working on the SEO of their category pages, forgetting to position their product pages.

This makes them miss out on a great business opportunity, as users often search directly on Google for the name of the product they want to buy.

At BIGSEO we have found the solution to this problem: Turbo Seo Reviews.

What is it?

A new technique that focuses on turning a product listing into a sales landing page.

We position the URL by keywords derived from the product and take advantage of the text to include valuable information for the user, such as its benefits, reviews from other customers or frequently asked questions.

Reduce unnecessary contacts with the customer service team.

Increase conversion rates and generate more sales.

Better respond to the user’s search intent and improve the user experience.


The System to Manage your Out of Stock Product Pages

A common mistake that online shops make when they run out of stock of a product is to delete their page or generate a 404 error landing page.

In this way they end up wasting all the resources invested in positioning and lose the opportunity to generate more conversions.

However, there is a way to put an end to this problem: Out of Stock Product Page Management Strategies.

What is it?

At BIGSEO we work with several techniques that take advantage of the search intention of the user who arrives at our page to convert them into future customers by offering them related products, asking them for their email address to let them know when the product is available and sell them the product anyway, but warning them of the delay in delivery.

Take advantage of the organic positioning of the URL.

Improve user experience

Increase sales


Techniques to Reduce Your Website Load Times and Improve Positioning

Most users close pages that take more than 3 seconds to open, and this is detrimental to your ranking as Google penalises websites that load slowly.

This is the unfinished business of many online businesses, which continue to fail to improve their loading speed and are overtaken by their competitors.

To prevent this from happening to your Ecommerce, you can implement Web Performance Optimisation.

What is Web Performance Optimisation?

WPO is a set of techniques aimed at improving the loading speed of a website by optimising images, plugins, hosting and many other factors.

Reduces waiting time and optimises the user experience

Improves search engine rankings

Increase conversions


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