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Web Performance Optimization


What is WPO and why is it important?

When working on web SEO, many businesses focus only on creating a good architecture and writing quality content optimised for Google, but after months of work they do not get the desired results.

Most fail to take into account that:


57% of users abandon pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load.

This has a negative impact on Google’s Core Web Vitals, three of the most important metrics that measure page performance and penalise sites that take too long to open. In short, optimising WPO is optimising SEO. Because not doing so means that:

Decreases the return on your SEO investment

Worsens the positioning of the website

Reduce organic and qualified traffic to your website


“We must differentiate ourselves and implement Rich Snippets in our projects to generate more visibility and traffic”.

Romuald Fons

WPO strategies

Optimise your web loading speed and maximise the ROI of your SEO investment.

At BIGSEO we present you 3+1 WPO techniques to get a faster website and we explain how to execute them.

The Two Big Advantages of Web Performance Optimisation


By implementing WPO techniques, users stay longer on your site because it takes less time to load.

In addition, with a user friendly website, you achieve more conversions and sales.


Google’s Core Web Vitals attach great importance to metrics that measure the loading time of a website, such as LCP, FID or CLS.

By optimising the delivery speed of your site, you improve its score in these metrics and therefore its positioning in the SERPs.

Quality Hosting for Better Performance

Hosting is the element that most influences the loading speed of your website. However, many businesses are not clear about which one to hire and choose one without taking into account whether it is optimised to improve the loading speed.

This is detrimental to the performance of the website and, therefore, to its positioning, so it is important to hire the right hosting.


As specialists in both SEO and WPO we recommend that you have:

  • SSDs that manage resources faster.
  • PHP 7 or higher that processes a larger number of requests.
  • SSL certificate that authenticates the identity of your website and generates trust in the user.
  • HTTP/2 to handle a large volume of requests simultaneously.
  • VPS that guarantees you a private space within your server.

Improve server response time

Reduces system crashes

Increases the level of security

A CDN to load your website from various places in the world

A mistake many online businesses make is to use a single server to deliver their website worldwide. This can cause overloads and page crashes, slowing down site delivery time.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help you avoid such problems.


A CDN is a distribution network with several servers that delivers your website to users in various parts of the world.

Spreading the workload across multiple servers with cached copies of the content improves loading speed.

Reduces page response time

Prevents server overloads and crashes

Improve the security of your website

Optimising Images to Improve WPO

Images are usually the heaviest components of a site and the ones that take the longest to load. However, at our agency we come across many e-commerce sites that neglect this factor and fill their website with unnecessary graphic elements. And, what is worse, many of them are in inappropriate formats, such as JPG, PNG or GIFs.

These types of images were used until now in almost all web pages, but over time it has been shown that they are too heavy and slow down the loading time, increasing the bounce rate of the site.

A problem that can be avoided by applying some simple image optimisation practices.


By carrying out actions such as reducing the weight of images, choosing the right format (.WebP) or using plugins that reduce the loading time of photographs and other graphic elements of the website.

Saves hosting resources

Image loading time is reduced

Improve the user experience

Fewer Plugins and Widgets to Improve WordPress Speed

Some websites with WordPress as CMS tend to use unnecessary widgets and plugins. A common example is the buttons for sharing on social networks or the Google Maps display without leaving the page.

An excess of these elements consumes a lot of server resources and overloads them, damaging the performance of the site. This is why it is important to optimise your website’s plugins and widgets.


Identifying which plugins and widgets are essential for your website, discarding those that consume the most resources and prioritising those that benefit the WPO. Once you have installed only the necessary ones, make sure you always keep them updated.

Increases loading speed

Prevents overloads and performance failures

Clean up and keep your database in good shape


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