Multiplied Web Traffic and Turnover in 30 Days

Through a comprehensive marketing strategy, which combined content marketing, email marketing and traffic acquisition, the INEM Courses portal managed to boost its revenue from the sale of advertising space.


turnover in 30 days


Traffic in 30 days


Increase in the number of Conversions


The web portal of reference in training and employment aids

Cursos INEM Web is one of the main points of reference in the sector for information on free courses and subsidies for the unemployed. The site brings together the free training offered by SEPE centres all over Spain, and offers users an ordered and updated list of courses and subsidies.

Today, the site has a great authority in the sector and enjoys a first level organic positioning.


Regaining the information leadership and doubling turnover

Until a few years ago, the INEM Web Courses portal generated revenues of 11,000 euros a month from the sale of advertising space through Google Adsense.

Over the years, however, this turnover had fallen to 3,000 euros.

With the help of BIGSEO Agency, INEM Web Courses set itself an ambitious goal: to double the revenue generated through Google Adsense advertising space within 6 months.


Making underutilised resources profitable

After an initial analysis, four main areas of opportunity were identified:

  • On the one hand, the content of the portal had lost much of the interest of its target audience. However, a proper update could reverse the situation.
  • Secondly, the site had not undergone a proper SEO overhaul for some time, so its slow loading speed and abundant duplicate content provided a poor user experience and detracted from its search engine ranking.
  • Thirdly, Cursos INEM Web also had more than 38,000 followers on its Facebook page, which had been inactive for some time.
  • Finally, the portal had a database of 125,000 users, in addition to 40,000 followers on Facebook. However, its marketing strategy so far was not properly leveraging this important resource to attract induced traffic to the website


Quality and Segmented Content

In just one week, INEM Web Courses created a new content vertical on Covid-19, linked directly from the homepage.

This strategy was done on three levels:

Creation of a pillar page, which grouped together all of the aid approved by the Government. The page was updated every day in order to have all the latest official information.  

Página pilar de cursos inem web

Creation of a segmented content cluster at the top of this pillar page,to direct each visitor to specialised content according to the type of aid they were looking for: SMEs, self-employed, families, tourism sector, agriculture, etc.

Creation of articles of interest  in each cluster of segmented content. In this way, the user found only the information that was of interest to them.

All this content was created following the SEO on page techniques necessary to be positioned in Google.

Cursos Inem Web


Newsletter Semanal

Cursos INEM Web had a database with the email addresses of more than 125,000 people interested in training and financial aid.

In order to capitalise on this information, a weekly newsletter was sent to all registered users.

This newsletter attracted a large amount of traffic to the informative content about new subsidies and application procedures.

Newsletter cursos Inem web


Facebook Ads to Multiply Social Media Reach

As part of the new marketing strategy, each new blog article was also published on the Cursos INEM Web Facebook page, which had thousands of followers.

In addition, in order to multiply the reach of each publication, the posts that performed best organically were selected to give them more exposure through Facebook Ads.

As in the previous case, we were able to consolidate a source of good quality complementary traffic.

Inversión en social media Cursos Inem Web


Technical SEO improvements

Attracting traffic to Cursos INEM Web would have been useless if their website was not prepared to offer a satisfactory user experience.  

As a general rule, 57% of users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The loading time of the INEM Web Courses website was much longer.

For this reason, it was necessary to prioritise those techniques that would have a greater impact on the pagespeed of Cursos INEM Web:

  • Optimisation of the size of the images.
  • Improving server response time.
  • Elimination of content about old courses, which no longer contributed anything to the user but consumed Google’s crawling budget.
Cursos Inem Web


Goal exceeded in only 1 month

Thanks to the new integrated marketing strategy, Cursos INEM Web exceeded its 6-month target in just 30 days.

  • 112% increase in turnover in advertising space sales
  • From 250,000 to 400,000 organic visits per month
  • Successful newsletters: 24,775 users in 3 Weeks
  • Qualified traffic on Facebook with a minimum investment
Comparativa adsense Cursos Inem Web